11+ Amazing Flavored Moonshine Recipes

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Flavored moonshine is fun to make and tastes incredible. Read on for a collection of amazing moonshine flavors try, from apple pie to cotton candy.

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While I typically share kid-friendly content on the blog, today I am sharing something special for the grown-ups.

Although these moonshines look colorful and fun, they are made with alcohol and for adults only (21+).

Flavored Moonshine – Is it “real” Moonshine?

Infusing alcohol with fruit, candy, or other ingredients has become commonly referred to as moonshine. While not “moonshine” in the making your own alcohol in the basement sense, these moonshine are still pretty awesome if you ask me. Quite popular too!

Making homemade flavor infused moonshines is a fun and easy way to make your own unique flavor of liquor. And as you will see, the possibilities are truly endless.

How to Make Moonshine

You will find that most of these homemade moonshine recipes are made using a strong grain alcohol such as Everclear or vodka.

Some use legal moonshines as their base, which have become more and more common lately. Although typically made in craft distilleries in the south, it is available in liquor stores across America.

How to Drink Moonshine

It is worth noting that although your flavored moonshine may taste sweet and fruity, the stuff is STRONG. It will creep up on you, so be careful and enjoy responsibly.

While you can sip your moonshine straight, if you prefer something less strong try mixing it with soda, seltzer water, or another mixer. 

Serving moonshine shots is these mason jar shot glasses is a great idea for parties as well.

However your drink it, you are going to love these delicious flavored moonshine drinks.

Homemade Moonshine makes a great gift

Because who doesn’t love a strong and delicious adult beverage every once in a while?

Just add a bow, a ribbon, or some twine and you have an instant gift. 

Or, add a jar of moonshine to a moonshine-themed gift basket along with other goodies such as mason jar glasses and coasters for a larger gift.

Best Moonshine Recipes & Flavors

Sour cherry moonshine -- a sweet, puckering homemade moonshine made from infusing Everclear, cherry vodka, and sour cherry candies.
Sour Cherry Moonshine
A sweet, puckering sour cherry flavored moonshine made from infusing Everclear, cherry vodka, and sour cherry candies. This stuff is dangerously delicious!
Get the recipe
This moonshine recipe combines cotton candy, cotton candy vodka, sugar, and Everclear to make a delicious homemade moonshine. Plus, the bright green color of this cotton candy moonshine will certainly catch everyone’s attention!
Green Cotton Candy Moonshine
Don’t be fooled — although this bright green moonshine may taste like cotton candy, it is one mighty strong beverage.
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An easy homemade moonshine recipe with Everclear, raspberries, sugar, mint, and vanilla.  This sweet and refreshing Raspberry Gelato Moonshine is a great fruit flavored moonshine recipe that can be enjoyed on its own or mixed to make a cocktail.
Raspberry Gelato Moonshine
Made with Everclear, raspberries, sugar, mint, and vanilla, this sweet and refreshing homemade moonshine is perfect for summertime.
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Black widow venom halloween moonshine in mason jar.
Black Widow Venom Moonshine
This sweet and spicy moonshine is our #1 moonshine recipe on the site. Our readers love it, and you will too!
Get the recipe
Apple Pie Moonshine
Apple Pie Moonshine
Made with moonshine, vanilla vodka, and real apples, this apple pie moonshine is simply incredible. Make a big batch at the beginning of Fall to enjoy all season long.
Get the recipe
Sweet Tarts Candy Moonshine
This fun recipe infused Sweet Tart candies in Everclear for an incredible and colorful moonshine.
Get the recipe
Candy Cane Moonshine
Candy Cane Moonshine
This peppermint flavored moonshine is great for holiday parties. It would make a terrific hostess gift as well.
Get the recipe
Strawberry Moonshine Recipe
Strawberry Moonshine
Strawberry-lovers rejoice! This Everclear-based moonshine is sure to be your new favorite.
Get the recipe
Caramel Moonshine
This flavored moonshine is easy to make and has a sweet caramel flavor that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.
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Peach Pie Moonshine
Peach Pie Moonshine
This delicious peach pie flavored moonshine recipe is perfect for sipping on your porch and watching the sunset.
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Orange Creamsicle Moonshine
Orange Creamsicle Moonshine
This creamy moonshine would be amazing served chilled in the summertime.
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Pomegranate moonshine
Pomegranate Moonshine Recipe
This Everclear based moonshine’s fruity flavor will be a hit with any pomegranate lover.
Get the recipe

Which moonshine recipe are you going to try first?

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    1. I just finished making the peach pie this morning, it is amazing and packed with a lot of punch.. so yummy

  1. I grew up in the south. Alabama to be precise. I was raised on shine and I’ve just now tried the flavored shine and it’s amazing. I’ve always made cough syrups out of shine or egg nog at Christmas time. Gonna try all these. Recipes.

    1. There are several recipes linked to on this post. If you click through to visit the recipe you are interested in you can find more info there–or post a question if necessary.

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