Halloween Crossword Printable

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Free Halloween crossword printable with a word bank. Also available without a word bank! Perfect Halloween activity for a classroom party or for the kids to complete as a fun holiday activity at home.

Free printable Halloween Crossword puzzle with word bank pin.

Halloween Crossword Puzzle

Whether you are looking for a fun activity to build Halloween vocabulary for the children in your classroom or you are a parent searching for something to have the kids do at home as a fun way to get in the spooky spirit, this crossword puzzle will be the perfect activity.

Not only will the kids have fun solving the clues, but they might even learn something new while they are having fun. Crossword puzzles are fun and educational. They can work to help expand kids’ vocabulary and reinforce spelling skills.

Available With or Without Word Bank

This crossword puzzle worksheet is available for download both with and without a word bank.

While the word bank makes the crossword puzzle easier to complete, if you are looking for a more challenging crossword, removing the word bank is the way to go.

To download, simply choose the version that you would like below, click the link, then print out the worksheet on your home or classroom computer.

Halloween crossword puzzle worksheet with 13 clues.

 Click here to download the PDF without a word bank

Halloween crossword puzzle worksheet with word back and 13 clues.

Click here to download the crossword with a word bank

Answer Key

While I did not create an answer key for this Halloween printable, I will list the answers below:

  1. witch
  2. haunted
  3. monsters
  4. boo
  5. spider
  6. Jackolantern
  7. bats
  8. mask
  9. trick
  10. costume
  11. werewolf
  12. vampire
  13. October

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