Grinch Desserts

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10 of the best Grinch desserts and treats for your Grinch-themed Christmas party or movie night!

10 of the very best grinch desserts

Planning a Grinch movie night?

Or maybe you are looking for Grinch dessert ideas for your Christmas party?

Either way, the 10 Grinch dessert recipes below will leave you with plenty of easy and delicious Grinch-inspired desserts to choose from.

The kids will love enjoying these sweet treats while snuggling up on the couch and reading How the Grinch Store Christmas or watching their favorite version of the Grinch on TV.

For a party, I suggest making a few different treats and setting up a grinchtastic dessert spread so wonderful that it is sure to make even the smallest heart grow three sizes!

Grinch Cake Mix Cookies decorated with red heart candy in center
Grinch Cookies
These grinch cookies are soft and fluffy with a cake-like texture and delicious vanilla flavor. Plus, you will love how super easy they are to make with a box of vanilla cake mix and a few other simple ingredients.
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Grinch Pretzel Bites on white plate with red heart sprinkles sprinkled around them
Grinch Pretzel Bites
Grinch pretzel bites are snackable caramel-filled pretzels dipped in green candy melts and topped with the classic red heart for a salty/sweet grinch treat that everyone at your Grinch party will love.
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This small-batch Grinch Punch recipe made with Hawaiian Punch, Sprite and lime sherbet is a perfect drink for the kids on Christmas.
Grinch Punch
Mix up some tasty Grinch Punch for the kids to sip on while enjoying their Grinch desserts. Made with Hawaiian Punch, Sprite, and lime sherbet, this drink is a sweet treat on its own as well.
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Grinch Cupcakes with green frosting and red and white frosting santa hats
Grinch Cupcakes
These fun and tasty Grinch cupcakes are made with a delicious peppermint cupcake base and peppermint buttercream for a double dose of holiday flavor. The buttercream frosting is colored green and red and then piped on to look like the Grinch wearing his red Santa hat. The result is a beautiful cupcake almost too adorable to eat!
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Grinch Rice Krispie Treats.
Grinch Rice Krispie Treats
Complete with green candy-coating and a little red heart, these Grinch rice krispies treats are on sticks making them fun for the kids to eat. I always find desserts on sticks are a hit with the kids at holiday parties!
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Christmas Grinch Bark Candy with green sprinkles and red hearts
Grinch Bark
Grinch Bark is a festive green and white homemade Christmas candy topped with red heart sprinkles and green jimmies. You will love how super easy this sweet treat is to make, no need to even turn on your oven.
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Grinch Sugar Cookie Bars
What young Grinch-fan wouldn't love these chewy sugar bars with a fun grinch twist!? The green buttercream really makes them pop and tastes incredible!
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Who Pudding
The Whos in Whoville would go crazy for this Who Pudding! Chunks of red and pink cake are layered with pudding and topped with frosting and colorful lollipops in this fun and festive trifle.
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The Grinch Jell-O Salad
A classic Jello salad in the shape of a heart makes a wonderful addition to your Grinch dessert table. Made with lime jello, sprite, cool whip, cream cheese, pineapple, mini marshmallows, and a small cherry jello heart, this dessert salad is as delicious as it is beautiful.
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Grinch Brownies with green frosting and red heart sprinkles
Grinch Brownies
Fudgy chocolate brownies are topped with a rich green chocolate ganache and large red heart sprinkles for a fun an sweet Grinch treat. Plus, these brownies pack a tasty green surprise hidden inside their center–Mint Oreo Cookies!
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Slow cooker grinch hot chocolate in two glass mugs with whipped cream, mini marshmallows, christmas sprinkles, and mini candy canes. A crockpot is in the background.
Grinch Hot Chocolate
Thick and creamy crockpot how chocolate gets a Grinch makeover with the help of some green food coloring and festive sprinkles.
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green hot chocolate bomb with red heart sprinkle on top
Grinch Hot Chocolate Bombs
Make a Grinch-themed hot chocoalte bomb for each guest to enjoy at your party or to take home as a treat for later. These bright green chocolate spheres are packed with cocoa mix and mini marshmallows for a delicious cup of hot chocolate–just add hot milk!
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  1. all these grinch ideas are fantastic. I cant wait to try them all. Thank you for all the Christmas recipes

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