Wood Block Snowman Ornaments

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These adorable wood block DIY snowman ornaments are easy and inexpensive to make using supplies from the Dollar Tree.

DIY Snowman Ornament

We have so much fun making DIY Christmas ornaments every year in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

This year I have falling in love this this DIY snowman ornament craft. Not only are the wood block ornaments easy to make, but they are sooooo cute. I can’t get enough of them!

Dollar Tree Snowman Ornaments

DIY Dollar Tree Snowman Ornaments

Like plastic ball snowman ornaments and wine cork snowmen ornaments, these wood block snowman ornaments make a great holiday craft project to make on your own or with the kids.

However, if you will be crafting with the kids, just be sure to assist with the hot glue and scissor steps, or complete those steps yourself. 

The adorable snowman ornaments are also a cheap handmade Christmas gift idea. Gift them on their own or use ribbon to attach them to your Christmas gifts to dress up the packages with the cute snowmen ornaments.

Craft Materials and Supplies

Dollar Store Snowman Ornament Craft Supplies

Head to your local Dollar Tree and pick up the following items: 

  • Tumbling Tower game
  • plaid scarf
  • twine
  • small googly eyes
  • foam paint brush

Note: Stock can vary from store to store and not every location may carry all the items. If your location doesn’t have one of the items you may want to visit another nearby store to see if they have it.

You will also need a few items that you likely have in your craft stash:

  • hot glue gun and a glue stick
  • small paintbrush
  • scissors
  • white, black, and orange paint

Time to get crafty! 

Now that you have everything that you need it is time to make these easy snowman Christmas ornaments.

How to Make Snowman Ornaments with Wood Blocks from Dollar Tree

  1. Paint: Paint wood blocks white and allow to dry.
  2. Cut scarf: Cut the scarf into small strips, approximately the length of 2 blocks and width of the skinny side of a block.
  3. Add details: Glue on eyes and paint nose, mouth, and buttons.
  4. Attach Scarf: Wrap scarf around the snowman and use hot glue to secure.
  5. Hang: Glue a loop of twine to hack of ornament for hanging.

Craft Tips

  • Experiment with gluing the scarf on in different ways. Try tying it, gluing to a different side, or other ways of tying scarves.
  • No black paint? You can use a sharpie instead.
  • This craft calls for materials to make 8 ornaments, but feel free to make as many as you like. Each package of the tumbling tower game has 36 wood blocks in it so you can make a whole of ornaments on the cheap. 
  • Can’t find the tumbling tower game at the dollar store? Order it here or use mini jenga blocks.

Have extra wood blocks and twine after making these dollar tree jenga block ornaments? Use them to make these beautiful gift box ornaments

Dollar Tree DIY Snowman Ornaments 1200
5 from 2 votes

Wood Block Snowman Ornaments

Author: Jaclyn
Cook: 20 minutes
Total: 20 minutes
These adorable wood block DIY snowman ornaments are easy and inexpensive to make using supplies from the Dollar Tree.


  • small foam paintbrush
  • small detail paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • hot glue gun with a glue stick



  • Using the small foam brush, paint the blocks white. Let dry. Paint two coats if needed, drying in between coats.
    Foam brush painting wood blocks white
  • While they are drying, cut 8 small pieces of the scarf to the size you would like. (About the length of 2 blocks and the width of the skinner side of a block.)
    Green plaid scarf being cut into strips with scissors
  • Glue the eyes at the top of the block. Using the detail brush, paint a small orange triangle for the nose and small black dots for the mouth. At the bottom, paint 3 dots for the buttons. Let dry.
    Buttons being painted on a white wood block with a small detail brush
  • After the blocks have dried, add a dot of glue to the middle of the back of the ornament and secure the scarf. Wrap around and glue in the front. Fold the scarf and secure with glue.
    Wood block painted to look like snowman with a piece of fabric glued on to look like scraft
  • Cut 8 pieces of twine about 2 inches. Make a loop and glue to the top of the back of the ornament.
    twine loop hot glued to back of wooden block neat the top


You can use a black marker instead of paint to add the buttons and a mouth.
If you have trouble finding the tumbling tower blocks you can use mini jenga game blocks instead.
Dollar Tree DIY Snowman Ornaments 1200

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