Nursery Storage and Organization Ideas

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The best nursery storage and organization ideas! 7 ways to maximize space, perfect for making the most of a small nursery.

Nursery storage and organization ideas collage with images of nursery closet with shelf storage, hanger hanging bibs, baby clothes in drawer, and clanging table with storage bins on shelves.

While pregnant, I put a lot of thought into finding ways to make the most of the limited storage space in our small nursery.

Thanks to our generous family and friends, our little guy had acquired lots of baby gear and quite an extensive wardrobe before he was even born.

Now that he has arrived, his baby clothes and toy collection only continue to grow. And grow.

Organization–and sneaking storage in every nook and cranny I can find–has allowed us to fit all baby’s things in baby’s room neatly.

So listen up parents, because today I’m sharing my best nursery storage and organization tips!

1. Sort clothing by size

Designate one drawer for your little one’s current size clothing and another drawer for the next size up.

Clothing more than one size up can be stored in additional drawers, if you have them available.

If you are short on dresser drawers, go ahead and place onesies and clothing that doesn’t yet fit your little nugget in storage bins in the closet or under the bed (more on under-the-bed storage in a bit).

For hanging clothing, use hanging dividers to separate different sizes of clothing.

Sorting my little guy’s clothing by size, and storing each size separately, has allowed me to easily phase out sizes as soon as he grows out of them, and move in the next size.

2. Organize drawers

Baby clothing, socks, and onesies folded neatly in a drawer with dividers.

This next one is seriously my favorite nursery storage and organization tip ever.

Fold or roll each piece of clothing so that it stands upright in the drawer.

This will allow you to open the drawer and see every piece of clothing without touching a single thing. It will be super easy to find what you are looking for, plus it looks very neat and organized.

Use fabric bins or drawer organizers to separate items such as socks, sleepers, hats, washcloths, etc… This too helps keep everything nicely organized and easy for you to find when you have 5 minutes to get out the door and a baby on your hip!

3. Create storage under the crib

Baby blankets in fabric under-bed storage container.

This nursery storage tip is a total game-changer.

What is the one piece of nursery furniture that every nursery has?

Bingo–a crib!

There is a ton of storage real estate down underneath that crib.

Need a place to store clothing that doesn’t yet fit baby? Searching for a place for all that extra bedding? What about diapers? Invest in an inexpensive fabric storage bag and pack it with whatever baby essentials need storage.

A fabric under-the-bed storage container like the one I use is great because it is soft enough for me to shove under the crib without having to lift it up. Plus, it fits all of my son’s extra sheets, mattress covers, and blankets.

4. Adjust the closet to maximize storage

Nursery closet with shelving for storage and low hanging bar for clothing.

A single bar across the top of the closet for hanging clothing may work well for us grown-ups, but it may not be best for baby. It doesn’t make sense for your little one’s closet to be set up the same as yours. After all, a baby’s clothing is just a fraction of the length of your clothing.

Need a lot of space for hanging clothing? Instead of having a single clothing rod to hang clothes on, add a second rod and double your hanging space instantly.

Or, if you need would prefer more shelf space for storage, you can place shelving in the bottom half of the closet.

We set our nursery closet up with adjustable shelving and removable organizers, which allow us to move things around and add or remove hanging clothing bars as needed.

Another space-saving closet tip is to use velvet hangers. We use them in our closet and bought a set of baby size velvet hangers for our son’s closet as well.

5. Hang bibs on a hanger

Several baby bibs on hanger.

This nursery storage and organization hack is a fun one!

Instead of stacking a bunch of bibs on top of each other in a drawer or bin, hang those bibs up on a hanger!

Hanging bibs keeps them organized and makes it easy to find the one you are looking for quickly (I am not the only mama that likes to coordinate outfits and bibs, am I?).

Plus, bibs will take up less precious drawer or shelf space this way.

6. Get a changing table with storage

Changing table with changing pad on top and shelves with storage bins for diapers, wipes, etc...

I highly recommend a changing table with shelves for storage underneath. Nursery storage baskets or storage bins under your changing pad are a great place to store baby supplies such as diapers, wipes, diaper creams, bath supplies, and swaddle blankets.

If you don’t have enough floor space for this large of a changing table you can place a changing mat on top of a low, large dresser and store your diaper supplies in a rolling caddy with shelves for storage.

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Blue and white striped storage bins with diapers and wipes.

The changing table we got for our son’s nursery has 2 open shelves, on which we were able to fit 6 decent-size storage bins.

These bins have been great for storing my stockpile of diapers and wipes and keeping them handy for diaper changes.

7. Embrace storage bins

Sailboat patterned storage bin with stuffed animals on dresser.

Before I let you go, I have one last nursery organization idea to help control the clutter.

Have a bunch of toys that you need a place for? Pop them in a large storage bin.

Stuffed animals taking over the room? Stick ’em in a storage bin.

Storage bins are my go-to storage solution. They are inexpensive and keep baby things corralled and organized while keeping them easy to access.

You can place your bins on a dresser, on a shelf in a bookcase, on a rolling cart, or even on sturdy wall shelves. If you have enough floor space they can even go on the floor.

What are your favorite nursery storage ideas?

I hope that these nursery storage and organization help you maximize the space in your little one’s nursery.

If you have any great storage or organization tips please share them with us in the comments below! We would love to hear them.

Happy organizing!

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  1. We are out of the diaper stage now but I am going to use your storage advice for our playroom and kids bedrooms. Goodness there is so much stuff!!! We loved Huggies when the kids were babies too. THey are a great diaper.

  2. Sounds like you’ve found some of the best places to buy Huggies. Hanging bibs on a hanger is a great idea! I agree that storage bins are handy for so many things, including kids’ toys and stuffed animals.

  3. These are such time saving ideas! Why didn’t I think of some these! I really like the idea of hanging the bibs 😏

  4. In all of my years of raising babies, never have I thought to hand the bibs like that. BRILLIANT!!!! So simple yet an excellent way to keep up with them because they are like socks and I lose them. lol

    And you’re so right… under the crib is a great storage place. I over looked it for years.

  5. I always purchased my boys’ diapers from Sam’s Club. They do have great deals on them! #client

  6. Oh my word! Nathaniel is absolutely darling!!! These are such great suggestions! It’s amazing how quickly baby stuff can get out of control. Storage bins make such a huge difference! My twins are 11 now and we still use storage bins to keep the clutter somewhat under control!

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