Valentine’s Day Coupons for Kids

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The kids will love these fun Valentine’s Day coupons! Download the free printable Valentine coupons and give them individually or turn them into a coupon book!

Valentine Coupon Book

If you are looking for an extra special gift for your child this Valentine’s Day, these coupons will be perfect. They each feature a fun treat, special outing, or other event for the kids to enjoy.

Looking for Valentine’s Day coupons for adults? Get them here!

Valentine's Day Coupons for Kids

This set of printable coupons for kids includes a Valentine coupon book cover, 14 pre-written coupons, and 3 blank coupons. The blank coupons are useful if you want to add some of your own coupons.

Valentine’s Day coupons included are each “good for one”…

  • lunch date – at any restaurant you want!
  • picnic in the park
  • trip for ice cream – with all the toppings you want!
  • breakfast in bed
  • family game night – you pick the games!
  • extra bedtime story
  • you pick dinner
  • skip a chore of your choice
  • breakfast for dinner
  • trip to the park
  • family movie night – your choice of movie!
  • stay up one hour past bedtime
  • slumber party
  • pizza party

If any of the coupons are not a good fit for your family, just leave those ones out. No worries!

Valentine Coupons for Kids

DIY Valentine Coupon Book

To make your coupons into a little booklet perfect for gifting follow the simple instructions below.

  1. First, you will need to download the PDF file, available here
  2. Print coupons. For best results, print on cardstock. Print extra copies of the last page if you would like more blank coupons.
  3. Cut out the coupons. (TIP: if you have one of these, use it to make the job quick & easy!)
  4. Using a hole punch, punch two holes near the left edge of each coupon, making sure to line the holes up evenly.
  5. Finally, thread a piece of ribbon through the holes and tie with a knot in the back. Trim ribbon ends if necessary. (This is the ribbon I use)

Or if you are short on time you can simply place the coupons in an envelope or gift bag for easy gifting. 

No matter how you give these kids coupons, one thing is for certain– the kids will love them!

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Valentine's Day Coupon Book

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