25+ Fun Classroom Valentine Ideas

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The best classroom valentine ideas for kids or teachers to make and give out to their classmates at school. Over 25 Valentine’s Day ideas including both candy and non-candy treats and toys!

The Best Classroom Valentines Pin.

While you could purchase a set of pre-made Valentine’s Day cards for your child’s class, DIY valentines like the ones below are so much more fun and creative. Plus, kids love the little treats or toys that come with them!

If you would prefer printable valentines that do not need to be paired with a toy or treat, head to this huge list of free Valentine’s Day printables.

Non-food Valentines

If you would rather avoid handing out anything edible, the following kids' Valentine's ideas are perfect for you. They are so fun that the kids won't be missing candy one bit!

You Rule Valentine
You Rule Valentines
It doesn't get more appropriate for the classroom that giving out rulers on Valentine's Day!
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With this "You're A-dough-rable" Play Doh Valentine printable you can turn a plain jar of playdough into a Valentine's Day gift that is perfect for kids to give their classmates or their teachers.
Playdough Valentines
Top miniature jars of playdough with these printable labels for a fun Valentine that the kids will love!
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Are you looking for a fun and free printable valentine for the kids to give their classmates? This toy soldier Valentine is a fun, unique, easy, and inexpensive Valentine's Day gift idea.
Toy Soldier Valentine
"Love is a battlefield" cards paired with toy soldiers make a creative Valentine's day gift. While the Pat Benatar reference will likely be lost on the kids, their parents will totally get a kick out of it!
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Are you looking for super cute free Valentine printables for your kids to give out this Valentine’s Day? This DIY “You’re Just Ducky” kids valentine is so stinking cute and is very inexpensive to make for the entire class.
Ducky Valentines
These "You're just ducky" rubber duck valentines are perfect for baby and toddler classrooms in daycares or preschools!
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Are you looking for really cute kids valentines ideas for your little ones? Or, maybe you want a cute Valentine for your kids to give to their classmates? Either way, this is such an incredibly cute DIY valentine. And it doesn't hurt that it is an inexpensive Valentine as well!
Silly String Valentines
The “I Love Being Silly with You” printable tags make these bottles of Silly String a fun gift for older children and teens. I would suggest handing them out after school or at the end of the day so the kids won't be tempted to unleash their Silly String in the classroom!
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Make fun Valentines for the class with this easy DIY Valentine Slime recipe and these fun Valentine printable gift tags. These are perfect for the kids to give out to their classmates or friends this Valentine's Day!
Valentine Slime
Have your kids help make a big batch of this glittery DIY Valentine slime and divide it up into little containers to hand out to their friends. The "slime for my Valentine" labels transform them into great gifts!
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Star Wars Valentines with Lightsabers
These lightsaber Valentines are perfect for young Star Wars fans!
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Sports Valentines Printables
These sports valentines are paired with different balls for a fun Valentine that will be a hit with boys and girls of all ages.
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Crayon Valentines
Paid a box of crayons with these printables for a colorful Valentine's Day gift.
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Eraser Classroom Valentines
These eraser valentines couldn't be more perfect for the classroom!
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Heart Maze Valentine’s Day Cards
These kids' valentines are pretty a-maze-ing if you ask me!
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Race Car Valentines
The children will love these sweet "you make my heart race" valentines paired with toy cars.
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Bookmark Valentines
These fun printable bookmark valentines have clever sayings and are great for classrooms!
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Bubble Valentines
These bubble valentines are another terrific option for younger children on Valentine's Day. Although they are also great for kids of any age because who doesn't love bubbles?!
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Airplane Valentines
Toy airplanes bring lots of fun to these clever "you make my heart soar" valentines.
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Chocolate & Candy

You can't deny it — sweets are the traditional Valentine's Day gift. If you want to give out chocolates or candy to the class, these are some terrific ways to do it!

Use these free printable "A little something sweet" Valentine's Day treat bag toppers to make easy and affordable homemade Valentines.
“A Little Something Sweet” Bag Toppers
Pair these printable bag toppers with a bag of your choice of chocolate or candy for an easy Valentine treat.
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Unicorn Valentines
Unicorns are all the rage these days, which make this unicorn themed valentines a great option this year!
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Pokemon Lollipop Valentines
Young Pokemon fans will love these lollipop Pokemon Valentine's Day Cards!
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Butterfly snack bags are a fun and easy to make snack for kids. They can be filled with everything from candy to fruit so that they can be as healthy or an indulging as you would like!
Butterfly Snack Bags
This is a fun DIY Valentine craft that the kids can help you with. Have them paint and decorate the clothespins and help fill up the treat baggies. I love how these can be filled with anything from candies to raisins so you can make them as healthy or as indulging as you would like.
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Library Card Valentines
These library card Valentines are perfect for teachers, librarians, or students to hand out. Add Smarties candy, a bookmark, or even a book for an easy DIY gift.
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Lollipop Flower Valentines
Friendships will bloom with these free printable flower Valentine’s! Just slide a lollipop in to make the stem!
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Gumball Machine Valentines
These DIY Gumball Machine Valentines are super cute, easy to put together. Just make sure to hand them out at the end of the school day so that the kids aren't tempted to chew their gum in school!
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Non-candy Valentines

Not all tasty treats have to be candy! These yummy Valentines make a great alternative to candy.

Use the provided free printable cereal valentine tags to make fun valentines to hand out to the kids in the classroom. Available with 8 different sayings!
Cereal Valentines
Pair individual size bags / boxes of cereal and add these printable gift tags for a fun and delicious alternative to candy!
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Fruit Cups
A fun and healthier treat option for the kids, complete with adorable fruit-inspired labels!
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Order Classroom Valentines on Amazon

If you would prefer to order premade classroom valentines, I scoured Amazon for ideas and these are a few of my favorites. They are all affordable and come complete with Valentine’s Day cards and a small toy.

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