St. Patrick’s Day Word Scramble

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A free printable St. Patrick’s Day word scramble with 10 words for children to unscramble. Download the word puzzle with or without a word bank for the kids to complete this St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick's Day Worksheets for Kids

St. Patrick’s Day Word Scramble

This free printable is perfect to hand out to the kids in the classroom or at home. 

The word scramble has 10 words to unscramble:

  • clover
  • gold
  • green
  • Ireland
  • luck
  • March
  • parade
  • Patrick
  • rainbow
  • shamrock

St. Patrick's Day Word Jumbles for Kids

2 Versions Available

You can choose which version of the worksheet would be best for your children:

  • with a word bank (easier)
  • without a word bank (more difficult)

Download St. Patrick’s Day Word Scramble PDF

Click on each link below to download, then open each file and print as many sheets as you need.

More St. Patrick’s Day Freebies

Download this word search and this sight word bingo for more fun St. Patrick’s Day activities for kids!

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  1. couldn’t download weird scramble because the weird in the game had too many l’s

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