perfect halloween party food

Made using pre-made pizza dough and a ghost cookie cutter, these mini pizzas are a party-perfect appetizer.

Ghost Shaped Pizza

Mummy Hot Dogs

This festive appetizer is easy to make with crescent roll dough, cheese slices, and candy eyeballs.

The silly little monsters are an especially good Halloween party treat and sure to be a huge hit!

Monster Apple Bites

Halloween Chex Mix

The tasty snack mix combines Chex cereal with pretzels, Bugles, Reese's pieces, and M&M for the ultimate Halloween snack.

Complete with knobby knuckles and bloody fingernails, these scary halloween finger foods may even be too creepy to eat!

Witch Finger Cookies

Witch Hat Cookies

These homemade chocolate cookies are decorated like witch hats with buttercream and Hershey's Kisses!

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