4th of july dessert idea


– Cupcakes – White frosting – White chocolate melting discs – Blue Pop Rocks – Red Pop Rocks

Step 1

Frost cupcakes with white frosting and add sprinkles.

- Add white chocolate melts to a bowl & heat it.  - Dip each kiss into the melted white chocolate, place it on parchment &  sprinkle with Pop Rocks candy. 

Step 2

Step 3

Cut each straw to the desired length for your cupcake toppers.

Melt another cup of the white chocolate melts. Thread Life Savers onto each straw in a red, white and blue pattern.

Step 4

Step 5

Then, place a bit of melted chocolate on top of the blue Life Savers to use as “glue” to stick the Kisses on top. Allow the firecracker straws to set.

Push a firework straw down gently into the center of each cupcake, with the Kisses pointing up in the air at a slight angle.

Step 6

serve & enjoy!