easy, delicious holiday recipe

Melted snowman bark is a fun, easy, and delicious Christmas treat that is sure to be a fan-favorite!


Step 1

Use a few spoonfuls of the melted chocolate to stick your Oreos to a lined baking sheet.

Pour the remaining melted almond bark over the rest of the baking sheet, being sure to fill in all empty spaces.

Step 2

Step 3

Add 3 mini m&m buttons under each snowman.

Add gumdrops (sliced in half) on either side of the Oreos. These will become earmuffs!

Step 4

Step 5

Use orange cookie icing to draw a carrot nose on each snowman. Use black icing to draw dots to resemble coal eyes and mouth.

Set until matte in color and firm to the touch. Then cut with a hot knife, serve, and enjoy!

Step 6

serve & enjoy!

serve & enjoy!