The festive Easter treat is fun to make and even better to eat. The buttery toffee combines with the sweet white chocolate for one incredibly tasty treat.


– Saltine crackers –Salted butter – Light brown sugar – White chocolate chips – Pink gel food coloring – Easter M&Ms – Chopped mini eggs – Easter sprinkles


Line a sheet pan. Fill the sheet with an even layer of saltine crackers; set aside.


Make the toffee mixture in a saucepan as directed. Pour the hot toffee mixture over your saltine crackers, as even as possible.


Bake for 5 minutes, or until it begins to bubble.


Pour the melted chocolate over the crackers. Drop the pink chocolate on top by the spoonful and use a fork to swirl the colors together. Top with the Easter candy & sprinkles!

Serve & enjoy!

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