Easter Peeps Mobiles

Peeps mobiles are sure to be the hit of your Easter party. Not only are they absolutely adorable, but they are delicious as well!


Twinkies Peeps Black Licorice Ropes Candy Melts Wafer Candies M&M's Easter Sprinkles

Cut a small chunk out of the Twinkie.  Reserve the pieces for later.

STEP 1: 

Cut the bottoms off of each Peep.

STEP 2: 

Place the Peeps into the holes in the Twinkies.

STEP 3: 

Add the candy wafer for the steering wheel. Glue on the headlights with some of the Twinkie filling.

STEP 4: 

Make and attach the licorice tires onto each car. Add an M&M to the back of each car.

STEP 5: 

Kids and adults will love them! Serve & Enjoy!

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